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8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

Want to grow your Instagram account to 10,000 Organic followers? Well, You’ve landed the right page. Growing an Instagram profile to first 10,000 followers is a big milestone especially when you are a business aiming to promote your sales and convert the audience to potential customers or as an Influencer aiming to spread a change.

Instagram is currently one of the world’s most engaging social media platform and a 10k followers milestone is surely the best thing because you get to embed a website link directly in your stories.

The power of this Swipe Up Link feature is much more than you can imagine!

You can send a portion of your 10k followers to any sales landing page or a Youtube video. This is called Influencer marketing.

Maybe to drive them to another social media platform.


8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

To learn how to grow your Instagram followers, you need to learn about a metric that Instagram uses to make a quality score of your page.

Instagram is an app or website operated by thousands of developers but they can’t monitor each and every account so they created a set of steps called an algorithm.

These steps are the guidelines for Instagram to follow and check which account is of good quality content and needs exposure.

One of the key steps in this algorithm is to check the engagement rate.


Engagement involves people doing anything with your content. Whether they are liking your posts, commenting on it, or sharing it. When these stats are all combined, they generate a ton of useful data.

When you have a good amount of engagement on your Instagram page – that means people are finding your content useful, relatable, funny, or informational.

Engagement rate is the data percentage that tells us how much of your total followers are actually liking, commenting, and sharing your posts regularly.

It is the average number of likes, comments, and shares you get when you upload new posts.

Engagement has become the most important metric on almost every platform like blogging, YouTube, Facebook, and even now Instagram.

Mastering your engagement can take a lot of time if you are a beginner and have no prior experience on Instagram.

That’s why we are here! To provide you the secrets that we learned throughout our six years growth journey on Instagram so that you can also increase engagement on your Instagram content.


• Engagement

• Content

• Posting Schedule

• Account’s Branding

Engagement is the first and the most important factor as already discussed earlier. If your post is getting likes, comments, and shares then there are higher chances of them getting viral.

We’ll discuss how to make engaging posts on Instagram later in this article.

The main thing which is going to be shown to your audience and from them, they decide your engagement is content.

Your content must really be dope or high quality enough to provide value to the audience.

Posting consistently helps in psychologically connecting to your audience. Set fix times to post on Instagram.

When you post regularly at the same time, it makes an impact on your follower and he/she will make his/her mind get ready for the next post.

Account’s branding involves a professional yet clear logo, a CTA enabled bio and a great username.

You can get yourself a professional logo on Fiverr or design it yourself on Canva.


Let’s start with your first 100-150 posts because you surely need content on your profile before anything else.

  • Find Your Unique Content
  • What to put in Your Posts
  • Stylish Feed
  • Shareable Content
  • Post Engagement
  • Captions
  • Tags
  • Stories


The first step is to find your unique style posts or videos because that’s what is going to get you to grow with a blow.

Design your posts with awesome graphics and choose a unique yet attractive color scheme for your account posts, logo, and videos.

8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth


Depending upon your niche, you should try to convey your thoughts in a short and simple way.

Don’t fill in too much text in your images. Add a small call to action text in any corner and ask your followers to share the post. 

If possible, do put your account’s username watermark to prevent any copyright infringement.


8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

Remember I told you to choose a good color scheme for your profile? This is where it helps.

When someone comes on your account feed, your feed should be beautifully organized and should resemble a posting pattern. 

Take the help of any graphic designer friend to make your feed look more creative and beautiful.


8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

As I told you in my YouTube Growth Guide that shareable content is the key to boosting your growth on any platform. 

First of all, you have to ask yourself – do people actually share these kinds of posts in their stories or DMs? If yes, then you are good to go. But If your answer has some confusion then you need to ask your friends and families first. 

Ask them casually if you come across posts like yours, will they share it or scroll down. Now, this doesn’t work every time, maybe that person is specifically not interested. 

So you really got to do some research about pages related to your niche. See in the comments if people are tagging their friends.


8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

So here comes the very important part – which is to see if you can convince your audience to like, comment, and share at once. This might sound a little impossible for people who already are making regular content.

First of all, make your content relatable. Talk about some nostalgic things from the ’90s or an incident which most of your followers( not everyone ) can relate to.

One more secret is to make 10 slide carousel posts. Perhaps, most of the Instagrammers don’t know the power of that feature. Let me explain.

I had a meme page which was small and had around 400 followers. I used to upload one meme per day which used to be an image mostly.

But then one day, I got an idea that why shouldn’t I just upload ten memes straight in a single post which will cover a single meme trend. 

By doing so, I will increase my chances of getting followed and shared. The theory is this: I had confidence in my post and out of those 10 memes, a single person will super enjoy at least a single meme and will find it relatable.

So, this way increased a lot of chances for me to get shares and shoutouts.  I gained a long term follower base with different types of content.


These two factors are some of the useful ways you can add a call to action in your posts. Adding a Call to Action means you can strongly request the viewer to take some action after he sees the post.

You can ask the person to FOLLOW you in the very first line of the caption or write an engaging first line that catches attention. 


Tags are currently the best way for a new page to get reach. If your engagement is good, then your tags will do the rest to viral your account.

Use Instagram to find high-value tags, with less number of posts.

Instagram allows a total of thirty tags including your comment section. The first few tags should be the ones that are most popular, then add some least popular and finally add the one with average popularity.

8) Instagram Stories

Stories Highlights can boost your Instagram growth rate. The power of stories can be learned through big celebrities who upload a lot of Instagram stories daily because marketers know that more number of people actually open stories rather than videos and posts.

Try to upload 4-5 daily Instagram stories and build better social networking with your fans.


8 Ways To Grow 10K Followers On Instagram: Master Instagram Growth

If you have a new Instagram page, consider following similarly interested people only. Yes, it’s because you have the opportunity to gain a massive following through these people. 

If you don’t know how to find people with similar interests then go to a big account in your niche and then follow their followers. Do it after posting at least twenty posts. 

Once you gain a thousand Instagram users, you can focus on your content and lower your following. 

Also, you have to give your followers a follow back because it contributes to building your relationship with your followers.

You can stop after you have achieved a 10k Followers milestone.

So that’s it, that was the complete strategy to grow your Instagram account to 10k organic Followers. There will be a guide soon regarding how to grow your Instagram account with paid advertisements i.e. Instagram marketing. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list. Thank you for following this post! 

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