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How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment for Students [Best Way]

If you also want to know how to earn money online in India without investment for students, then you are in the best place you should be because, In today’s article, we are going to see how to earn money online in India basically without any investment from scratch.

Earning money online can be a really tough task because of the increasing number of cases of fraud and scams but If you are on the right path, you don’t need to worry about anything other than the amount of money that you are going to get. 

We will be covering various methods by which you can earn money online in India easily if you are a student. 

To earn money online in India without investment, you need to make a plan first and then execute it in the right direction. Well, I am here to guide you on that. 

Learn to Sell Yourself

This is the first step in your path that makes for the basic building blocks for your online money earning business.

Think of a particular topic or a subject or anything related to life – You can be a fitness addict or you can be a PC geek or a video game lover or an aspiring makeup artist. You can be a foodie or a guy who loves watches, there is an uncountable number of things you can be an expert on.

Don’t say that you don’t have any talent or you are not passionate about anything at all. Everyone has a special thing. Think about it. 

Once you have found your inner gem, now I am going to tell you how you can make money out of it easily without any investment.

How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment for Students

Youtube Channel

If you are funny or a science geek, you can both start a YouTube channel and start uploading videos at this exact moment. There is no need for any kind of investment in this method. Of course, most of the students these days are having at least one smartphone at their home. That’s all they need to start. 

Take your smartphone and start shooting Tutorial videos, funny videos, or knowledgeable videos and once you complete one thousand subscribers and four thousand pubic hours of watch time on your Youtube channel, You can apply for Youtube Monetization Program where you can earn money online through Google Adsense advertisements.

It works this way.

Whenever someone watches your videos and sees an advertisement, Youtube is paid a sum of money by Google Adsense. This money is distributed between Youtube and the Youtuber in a 45:55 ratio. This is how you can earn money through a Youtube channel.

For a normal idea of the earnings, you can assume about a dollar earning with over four thousand to five thousand views. Don’t get worried. Once your channel grows, It will easily gain this much amount of views.

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Use Social Media to Earn Money

This is indeed one of the platforms that you can use to earn money online. 

Nowadays, most youngsters are addicted to social media so why not use it for some good purpose, right?

To Earn money online with social media, create a Facebook page, Instagram page, or a Twitter page and starting showcasing your talent there.

When you will reach a decent amount of followers, people are going to buy your work. Believe me. It happens. 

You can be an artist who posts portrait drawings on an art page or a graphic designer showing off his/her designs. You can be a cartoonist, an Influencer, or a Video editor – there are all sorts of people looking to hire talents for their project.

Of course, you are not going to earn a good amount on your first freelance project. But the first project is the one which is going to bring in a lot more work for you if you give your best in it – through word of mouth.

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Through Freelancing Websites

You can also create accounts on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc. which offer a pretty good amount in terms of foreign dollars.

To earn money online through these freelancing websites, you have to create your own gigs on them. Gigs are like small shops in a multiplex market. You can divide all kinds of services that you can offer into gigs.

Earnings start from as low as five dollars to as much as you want to, depending on the number of clients you have worked with. The more experience you have in your field, the more you can charge for a single work.

Now, the question arises where do we learn these skills so that we can sell them on these websites?

Well, the answer is in your hands- your mobile phone. One can learn an uncountable number of skills from thousands of youtube videos and website articles. These skills can range from developing a website to graphic designing in photoshop from learning musical instruments to script writings from editing photos and videos to their digital marketing.

Sell Your Own Courses or Ebooks

You can also write your own Ebook master guide or a video course on Udemy, teachable, Coursera, etc. and sell it to your audience. This can be the highest money yielding method once you master your field. 

You can write various learning Ebooks or guides that are really quality rich. You have to be an expert in selling these courses otherwise you are not going to survive in this method. This way is not suggested to Students as this field itself needs dedication. The above-mentioned ways are the most suitable for students. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the process of sharing a company’s products with your audience, and whenever someone buys a product from your particular Affiliate Link, you earn a commission. If you are successful in selling the product multiple times, then you can easily earn thousands of dollars in a month.

Amazon Associates is the largest marketplace in Affiliate Marketing. It is the most used platform for Affiliate Marketing. This is also a place for you to discover where you will not start earning from the very first day.

If you are a student, and you have important studies to cover – don’t think about Affiliate Marketing as it requires a lot of dedication.

Final Conclusion

So these were some of the best ways on how to earn money online in India without investment for students – of course, the fastest and best are the ones involving your freelance portfolio and then getting clients. It will help in generating a good amount of pocket money for you. Thanks for reading this post!

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