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How to Make Money with a Meme Page on Instagram ( $2473 per Post)

Many of us use Instagram these days and scroll through a lot of posts by big pages. Some of them are promoting a brand, product, or a video while others are just funny. But have you ever wondered how a big meme page on Instagram makes money online? as you don’t see any ad before a post and also the money from the sponsored post section goes to Instagram directly then from where these meme pages earn a living?

Instagram has broken all records for active users and engagement in comparison to Whatsapp and Facebook that’s why brands are approaching Instagram for their promotion. 

They also don’t want to fully reveal themselves doing social media advertising that’s where they create campaigns. Campaigns are basically a deal or a contract with a big meme page or any other page or a group of pages. They sign a deal to promote their products secretly and not revealing that it is a 100% advertisement. 

Big Web series and OTT platforms signup for campaigns with all the meme pages so that when their product is going to be released, the pages will have to create as much hype as they can for the show. 

This is the big game that is being played behind those praiseworthy posts for characters from a series or a product. The page is heavily funded by the marketing teams of the big companies.

How Can You Earn Money Through a Meme Page on Instagram?

I just told you the whole secret process which no one talks about. You just have to create a big meme page on Instagram and wait for the big companies to contact you. They will contact you and tell you about their product and describe the deal. 

Then they will give you a timing at which all the meme pages assigned for the task will start posting about the product. This will psychologically create a butterfly effect among the followers and they will end up buying the product. This is a part of Digital Marketing briefly called as Social Media Marketing.

One can earn a lot of money depending on the amount of engagement they get on their page. You can also open different kinds of pages on Instagram on whichever niche you like. You will eventually start getting paid promotions related to that particular niche. 

For example, a gym and health page on Instagram will be approached by a supplement company, a technology-based page will be paid to advertise new gadget launches or if you just have a big page on anything- you will start getting paid to give people shoutout who don’t have enough followers.

Earning money through Instagram Meme Page is a good business that is emerging very rapidly but a very of people are aware of it. 

One thing that is very important for you to know is that growing a meme page is not an easy task. The copyright rules on Instagram are getting tough day by day which means you cannot repost any copyrighted memes. 

You will have to make original posts and grow organically because what these companies will demand from your page is engagement which will only come when there is a real and active audience on your page.

Growing a meme page can take a lot of time on Instagram and that is why I suggest you involve some of your trustworthy friends in this process. Either you can pay them for making memes for you so you just have to upload them or you can make them a partner.

This will save you a lot of time and will fasten the results. 

A faster way to go a Meme page on Instagram is by paid promotion. In this method, you will have to pay some amount to big meme pages on Instagram that have a great engagement rate. After getting the money, they will upload a shout-out post or story on the specific time that you will tell them. 

If the shout-out post is engaging enough then people will open the tagged profile and visit your meme page. 

A little trick here, when they come to your page they should not be able to see your posts until they follow you. How will you do that? Simply, make your meme page account private when the promotion is going on. In this way, you will get a higher followers rate. 

If you want heavy results meaning a great number of followers in less span of time, you can pay more than one meme page and tell all of them the exact same time to upload the post. This will send a ton of great traffic on your page.

I hope you liked this tip of mine to earn money on Instagram through a meme page. Leave your feedback below and subscribe to our Newsletter for more such interesting articles!

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