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Things to MUST Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020

Let’s talk about the things to MUST Know Before Starting A Blog In 2020. The world is evolving fast and people here are definitely killing it with their jobs resulting in a decrease in the number of jobs. Also, Technology is also taking up human places in many industries. 

I want to clarify here that the above statement is correct in its place. But what we don’t see is that with technology evolving, there are also many jobs being created for humans that we don’t see or ignore completely. 

For example, with the growth of Instagram, hundreds of thousands of people came up with the job called Influencing. These Influencers earn a lot of money just by promoting products to their Instagram followers. The recent addition to the influencing platforms is a lip-syncing app called TikTok.

The one best and most profitable platform nowadays is Blogging. Blogging has been present among us for a decade or more but we don’t see it as a career. Why? because it doesn’t provide fame or money? If you think so, then you are very badly mistaken. 

In 2012 or 2010, Blogging used to seem like a very boring work but not now, Blogging offers both money as well as huge fame. The career in digital marketing is so bright and beautiful nowadays. 

Besides, It is one of the works which are very underrated as compared to the money they can provide to you.

Blogging requires both passion and dedication. If you are passionate enough and you are not dedicated consistently to publishing regular quality rich blog posts then you will never make it to the end. 

On the other hand, if you are dedicated enough to uploading regular posts and not passionate about those posts then your posts will never be quality rich. If your posts are not quality rich, then no one will want to read them eventually making you demotivated and unsuccessful. 

So, if you want to ensure your success in blogging you first have to make sure that you actually care about blogging. 

One has to write a quality rich blog post for getting better engagement with the audience. But how do you do that? Well, the answer to your question is simply a notepad editor and a knowledge-rich mind. 

If you have knowledge about something, go ahead and grab a laptop or phone’s TextPad and start typing. You might wanna know what type of knowledge you need to have in order to start a blog? Well, this is also simple. Let me explain this to you.

You can be a person who loves cooking? okay, if you don’t we’ll come to you next but for those who love cooking – can start a blog from scratch all about cooking and recipes. It can also provide information about various foods from different places around the world. 

The word “Different Places around the world” reminds me of another blogging niche called a Travel blog. If you like exploring the planet by going to different places then you can start a travel blog and believe me- These blogs are the ones people enjoy the most in the world because it takes you on a journey. And who doesn’t love traveling?

You also can be a geek who loves astronomy and things and theories about science. You can blog about theories and paradoxes and post them in your simple way. 

You don’t have to worry like Will anyone read my blog? Of course, if you choose any topic for your blog – there always will be people among that 8 Billion population who will be looking for content that you are interested in writing. 

You will get your audience no matter what. It might take a long time and will proceed slowly and gradually but that’s the struggle phase, right? Every field in this work requires a little struggle and time. 

A blog that is focused on health issues, relationships, or fitness problems and tells the solutions is also a very nice start towards a traffic rich website that can then be converted to an affiliate blog giving you the opportunity to promote online shopping products in return for a good commission. 

The most profitable yet successful and the one that requires the hardest work is a blog that is centered around digital marketing and SEO kind of things because basically these are things that define a blog, website, or business. So you can pursue digital marketing personally and create a career out of it. 

You can take me for example, I am a person who has seen so much in Life but has so much left to explore. I think I will become a Philosopher one day. I like exploring my life- the ups and downs. The sad part and happy things. And I realized shouldn’t I write about my experiences? so that the people who are confused with what to do with their lives can at least get hope by reading my experiences. 

I have always seen digital media as a very big opportunity for anyone in this world. Can you imagine how great Digital platforms like Blogging, Youtube, Instagram, or TikTok can make you? There are numerous artists around the world who have become so famous just because they started putting their content on Digital platforms. 

Imagine if they have not done that, where would they have been today.

I will also likely mention the fact that blogging requires an investment that is quite small in money wise but quite frustrating in work-wise. 

What do people actually do after starting a blog? They post regularly quality rich blog posts around various topics but soon end giving up. Why does that happen? It happens either you started blogging for fame or money that is definitely not coming in your earlier days. 

You have to understand that everything takes time. And in blogging, everything LITERALLY takes time as the older your blog site gets – the more domain authority it gets and the more google starts trusting on your website. So, technically this is why blogging requires a lot of months or days for good traffic to get in.

To sum up, I will say I did my best to introduce you to things that you must know before starting a blog.

You can make a shining career in blogging. Yes, everyone can. Because I believe that we have this opportunity that we are not giving proper importance and also everyone has their own kind of knowledge in their minds. 

I believe we all have a talent inside us and blogging is just another way to showcase it to the world. I believe we can achieve anything in the world if we just have a sheer will. Right?

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