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Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

Growing a Youtube channel in 2020 is a little bit hard for those who know nothing about the Youtube algorithm. Some say there are chances of them ranking on the platform if they are consistently posting videos. But Is It really so? 

Then why are some channels having a huge count of views even if they last uploaded a video several months ago? Also, there are some channels getting only hundreds of views when they have a hundred thousand Youtube subscribers.

Today, I am going to break down a channel’s growth on Youtube and how some channels grow to a million in a few months while some struggle to reach even a thousand subscribers milestone.

I have 6+ years of experience with Youtube and currently helping others in mastering the platform. I started making videos on Youtube when I was in high school. Since then, I have created around 800 videos in my lifetime and gathered around 3.2 million youtube views.

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

In this guide, I am going to help you start a Youtube channel and complete your first million views in under 3 months. So Let’s start!

Coming Up With an Idea

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

The first and the very most important thing is to come up with a unique and original Idea but always Remember! There is no such thing as unique. Every new idea comes through the mixture of two old ideas.

To be more specific – let me tell you how gameplay commentary was born. 

Youtube gaming channels have been present since like 10 years and then there were people doing commentary also, which used to grab a lot of views. So what will a person who doesn’t want to show his/her face and still want to perform commentary do?

Of course, that’s how gameplay commentary was born! This became a perfect way to engage both kinds of audiences on their channel.

I hope you have started getting my point. 

Another example can be The Infographics Show – Those types of channels did well because they used animations ( which used to be a fun thing only ) and joined them with knowledge rich lessons. 

Learning started becoming easy with these youtube channels and they also provided value to their audience. That’s how trust is built and so is the million subscribers base!

Choosing a niche can be easy if you just concentrate on What you love instead of what is getting views. You have to just think clearly what you can provide to your audience. It’s super simple.

My suggestion is to go with something you are most experienced at so that you don’t have to spend time on learning. It can be something entertaining also. In fact, It will be better if it is something that can be served with entertainment also. 

The more entertaining your videos are, the more likely it will get shares.

Here is some advice for some popular niches if you are thinking of going with them.

Technology & Tutorial YouTube Channels

These kinds of channels tend to get lower or average engagement. Let me tell you why.

If you open a technology related YouTube channel then you will be posting tutorials, unboxing and tech explanations. When a viewer gets to any one of your videos and likes the content, he will subscribe to you.

Now, that viewer precisely was looking for that specific video and has subscribed to you for any upcoming video related to that topic. 

He/she is not a potential regular viewer. From my observation, I noticed that tech or tutorial YouTube channels usually get lower per video views rate as compared to others. 

Also, you will have to upload regularly otherwise you are going to lose your subscribers.

Gaming/Reaction/Review Channels

Gaming channels have been present on YouTube since the 2010s or so. These channels get an average amount of engagement which means most of their video views are lower than the number of subscribers they have.

You will have to be regular with your content in this niche. From time to time, you have more chances of getting a viral video here than in the tech related channels.

Comedy/Funny/Entertainment Channels

Funny content tends to break the Internet because of it’s high shareability. Entertaining pieces of content are always preferred whether you are on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.

These kinds of videos mostly get the highest engagement ( likes, comments, shares and views ) meaning the average number of views per video is higher than the number of Subscribers.

I think you have started getting to what I wanted you to understand. You have to create shareable content in order to grow fast and also get a higher engagement rate.

But how do you create shareable content? We’ll get to it in seconds.

Naming Your YouTube Channel

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

Now that you have selected a perfect niche for your channel you have to think about your channel name. There are some really important things that should be kept in mind while naming your YouTube channel.

Short but Effective

Keep your channel’s name short and simple but effective enough to trigger your niche in your viewer’s mind. 

Uniqueness is the key 

A unique channel name will remain in memory of your viewer long after closing the video.

Include High Search Volume Keyword

Use Google’s Keyword planner to research keywords related to your niche and find the one with high search volume. Include this keyword with some other words of your choice to make a perfect channel name.

You can use an online username generator for getting ideas for your YouTube channel name. Once you are satisfied with a name, let’s get to the most important part which is content.

Video Planning Strategy 

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

Planning a YouTube video is the most important part as it covers all the possible chances of it getting ranked. 

If the video planning is done perfectly then no one can stop you from ranking on the first page of YouTube search.

How to find topics for Videos?

To find topics for your YouTube videos, you need to do a little hard work and research. Your video is definitely not going to rank on a term which was getting searched 9 or 10 years ago ( for example: how to install Windows XP ).

You have to think smartly and act as soon as possible.

For the topic part, I am here. Well my Idea is.

I am going to tell you a little trick by which you’ll get notifications for all the trending ideas directly on your smartphone.

First of all, go to Google Trends and select the trending searches tab. Now you have to set your preferred country and category.

Next, just subscribe to Google Trends email updates and you are good to go. 

I know you are thinking it will make your inbox a lot messy then it initially was and I apologise for it. But look at the bright side, ok? You are getting notifications and you just have to clear them if they are not of any importance.

Finding Keywords

After you have got the perfect trending topic, you have to research for some keywords. You might question me that this is not a blog then why do keyword research? 

Google is smarter than you think. It is not only looking for

Title, tags or description but also the main content of your video. So, you have to include these keywords in the video or in the captions.

This is how Google finds so perfect relevant videos nowadays. 

When you are writing a script for your video ( If you’re not, I suggest you to do so ) you must include keywords and use it professionally in your video. 

Include these keywords in the title and tags section also. This tip is also applicable to comedy and gaming channels.

Upload Frequency

Not initially, but as soon as you start getting a subscriber base. You have to fix a schedule for your uploads. 

This tip is told by most of the experts till date because it has something to do with psychology. 

Let’s say if you upload a single video once in a week and 

you choose to do it on Wednesday then slowly and gradually you are nurturing your viewer’s mind into believing the fact that there will be a video coming on Wednesday.

He/she will definitely know if you miss a video and this is what good engagement looks like. This strategy will increase your engagement resulting in higher view count.

Creating An Engaging Video

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

I assume you have written the script and shot the video.

Many of you will have a doubt initially regarding the quality of your video. Of course, no one has a big budget in the beginning.

What I have gained from experience is that Quality matters but you don’t need a high end camera or a thousand dollar mic. The video quality can work even if it’s not too good but the most important thing is getting a clear audio. 

A video with a bad audio will never work on YouTube. So you have to spend a little on a good decent mic or if you are smart enough, you can find clever ways to record the audio using your phone.

Coming to the editing part, you need to have cuts and make the video engaging. You can increase your videos’s average view duration and hence the overall watchtime if you can make a perfect engaging video.

To increase the average view duration, shoot the video outside. If it’s a tutorial, try zoom in and zoom out effects along with graphics. Use cuts in your outside videos to increase your watchtime.

If your video is not a comedy video, then you need to use jokes in between or create your own unique style of storytelling. People tend to share videos which are funny or either have too much value.

Your video editing software does not matter if you are producing clean cut videos with it. In my suggestion, Magix Vegas would do most of the work. You don’t need to learn big softwares in the beginning.

The Strategy To Get A Million Views in Less Than 3 Months

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

First of all, Upload the first 30 videos if you belong to the Gaming/Reaction/Review/Comedy/Entertainment niche or 100 Videos if you have a tech based tutorial channel.

Tech based tutorial channels require a lot of uploads for that one viral video. This is my observation till now, if your experience is different – comment down how many videos took you to your first viral video.

Next, contact any graphic designer if you know anyone otherwise watch tutorials and learn making professional graphic YouTube thumbnails. Thumbnails are very important even more than your video because it is the first thing that gets a viewer’s attention.

Don’t crop out yourself and put in the side saying the title of the video. I have seen many beginners do that and I would request all of them to stop doing it. 

You are a starter and believe me, no one wants to see a poorly cropped image of a person they don’t know, on the thumbnail. Instead use any non copyrighted model pic and crop it. 

Please don’t use Photoshop to make thumbnails unless you are pro at it. You can contact a graphic designer on Instagram and get good thumbnails for a cheap price. You really need to have good thumbnails.

Other than the thumbnails, get yourself a logo and a channel art too – it is a one time thing but will benefit you very much.

Now that you have followed all of my tips uptil now, we have got our videos plus thumbnails plus a good looking channel design.

After uploading all videos, come back after a week or so to check the analytics of your channel. Next find the video among all those videos which has performed the best and has got most of the views through YouTube search.

Check the search keywords and hurray! You have got your topic for the viral video. 

Give time in researching that specific video which did well and try to give as many videos related to that topic in the next few days. You have to master that specific keyword and you will grow like a pro!

Bones Tip : How to create Shareable Content on YouTube?

Grow Youtube Channel with 3.2 Million Views (Ultimate YouTube Guide)

To make shareable videos on YouTube, first think like your viewer. Find out why he will share your video? Is your video worth sharing? Which part will make him share the video? 

My tip on getting shares on your video is to do something funny. Now, I am not asking you to dress like a clown but instead dedicate a section of your video for a fun part. You can answer comments from your last video or do anything you like. The content is yours so you have to figure out what to do in that part of the video.

If you are a comedy creator, then try to make your videos as relatable as you can. Researches show that people share any content either if it is relatable to them or it has high value for them.

Other than shares, comments also help in contributing some information about your video to Google. Ask your viewers to comment their opinions and feedback as much as you can.

One more thing for people who are looking for some tips on choosing tags for your videos. I want to clearly tell you that this is 2020 and YouTube has become much smarter than it was 5 years ago. Tags don’t really do anything today besides categorizing your videos. So don’t worry about tags. Don’t use any misleading title, description or tags for your videos which will only decrease your rankings.

So that’s it,this is all you need to grow your YouTube channel as fast as you can and get millions of views. There is also a much easier way if you have some budget and a sense of trust over your content.

You can use Google ads to promote your videos once you have created high quality thirty videos on your channel. 

Promoting YouTube Videos via Google Ads

There is a promote button in the drop down menu of every video you uploaded in your YouTube dashboard.

When you click on promote, you will then be taken to Google Ads interface where you can set some data and information regarding your video niche.  

Then, you can add balance to your Google Ads account for the promotion to get started. ( Adding money in Google Ads can take more than 24 hours )

Remember : You should not spend money on promotion of your YouTube video if you are not sure how it will do. The best way is to send your video to someone who is totally honest to you – maybe your friends and ask them is it is a quality video.

If you need any help regarding SEO, Ranking and growth of your YouTube channel then you can contact me on my blog. If you liked my thoroughly explained high quality content , then make sure to subscribe to my email list so that you get a notification for any new article that I publish. thank you!

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