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Get 4000 Hours Youtube Watch Time FAST! (Ultimate 2020 Guide)

In today’s post, we are going to learn how to increase watch time on a YouTube channel fast in 2020.

If you have just started on YouTube and got to know about the Monetization system, then I can definitely feel your pain.

Watch time has been the most important factor when it comes to ranking your videos. 

Having a good watch time on a video will help in making it viral and gain thousands or millions of YouTube views.

watch time youtube

What is YouTube Watch time?

Watch time is the total aggregate time that viewers spend watching your video. The higher your channel’s watchtime is, the higher you will rank on YouTube search results.

Watch time is calculated by summing up all average view durations given by each viewer on your video.

When someone clicks on your video and watches it till the end, then he/she will contribute a 100% watch time duration on your channel. 

That means if your video is 5 minutes and 36 seconds longer than a total of three hundred and thirty six seconds of watch time is added to your channel.

Let’s assume if the same person watches your video again and this time too he/she completes it till the end, then the total duration given will double. 

But Remember! YouTube knows which ones are real and which are fake.

You cannot increase your watch time by repeating it again and again.

Why is YouTube Watch time Important?

watch time youtube

If someone is watching your videos on Youtube for long, It means that he/she is really interested in your videos.

This tells Youtube that your videos are worth promoting higher in the search results and deserves a good amount of audience.

Youtube watch time has always been important for views since Youtube recognised that people are buying fake views to fool the algorithm.

In 2018, Youtube announced that in order to be eligible for Youtube partner program, a Youtube channel must have a total 4000 hours of watch time

in the past 12 months. If a channel fails to meet this, the total amount of watch time will be reset to zero.

So, if you want to earn money from Youtube- you must have a thousand subscribers and 240,000 minutes of watchtime.

Getting 4000 hours of watch time is simply easy enough if you plan everything. Let’s do the maths part first!

The Mathematical Strategy to complete 4000 Hours Youtube Watch Time

Suppose you made a five minute video and it starts getting views ( If you are new, one of your videos is going to get more views than others ).

Most of the five minute videos tend to get an average view duration of about 2 minutes if it is really engaging or minimum 1 minute if it’s not.

Let’s assume you are getting an average view duration of about 1 minute on this video which means that on average, a viewer is watching your video only for a minute.

So how much views are needed to complete the threshold? yes, you will say 240,000 organic views. The reason I am saying organic is because

Youtube is not going to count the watch time that comes through paid advertising.

BUT what happens if you just work on your average view duration and bring it up to 4 minute? you will just need 60,000 views.

And what if you make a longer video ( for example : 15 minutes ) and stay engaging throughout & manage to get average view duration of 10 minutes, you will increase your chances. You will only need 24,000 views which is a hell lot easier than 240,000. 

What did you learn till now then? Longer Videos plus Average View Duration are all you need to complete 4000 hours of watch time on Youtube.

What is Average View Duration?

watch time youtube

Let’s have a quick understanding of this very important metric with a good example.

Samantha uploads a Youtube video and It starts getting five views every hour. She finds that most of the traffic is coming from Youtube search.

She also finds that average view duration is 36 seconds.

This means that if her video has got 100 views and the duration of her video is 3 minute then it means out of those 100 people, some watched the video completely till the end and some just closed it after 10 seconds.

The average view duration is the average of all the time durations spent on your video by each viewer that watched your video. 

Now you know making longer videos is one of the keys but you have to do it carefully.

Tip #1

Don’t compromise your video’s quality by making it longer. Cut to the quality part and remove all the extra bullshit. Just focus on providing what the viewer has come for.

Tip #2

Remember, It’s humans that are watching your videos not robots. So, you have to provide value to them throughout the video otherwise they will just skip the part.

Tip #3

Also, don’t add an intro in the beginning if you are a new channel. It will just cost you thousands of viewers who will leave in very few seconds. 

Tip #4

Use clean cuts as many times as you can because it increases average view duration. Try to change the environment every 30 seconds or shoot your video outside maybe in a park or a stadium.

Tip #5

Audio quality is more important than video quality. Psychologically speaking, a person is likely to watch your video if the quality is not good but audio is crystal clear and understandable.


Whereas, if audio quality is wrong then he/she will not get what the video part is trying to convey.

Tip #6 

Try to edit subtitles on your videos or use Youtube captions so as to make sure that viewer is understanding everything clearly and not leaves because of your difficult-to-understand accent.

If you just want a native audience, then at least add subtitles for the original language while editing.

Tip #7 

Use graphics to make it better and not worse.

Sometimes, while editing – you will think to add some extra graphics or effects will make it look good but before doing anything, take feedback from someone. 

Your viewer might get frustrated by what you think will make your video look cool.

Bonus Tip: Get Feedback

watch time youtube

If possible, send your videos to any trustworthy person you know who can honestly tell you at which point your video starts getting boring.

Believe me, this feedback helps more than any other tips out there.

Try not to spend money on Youtube ads for gaining watch time as it might not get counted for the Partner program. Youtube ads will help you in gaining subscribers that can give you watch time after. 

BUT again remember, before spending on Youtube ads, take feedback and find out your best video.

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Thanks for reading this article till the end and I wish you a very successful youtube journey! Do subscribe to our mailing list for more SEO articles directly in your inbox.

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